Underwater bullet like the emperor penguin

Nature already figured out – Supercavitating Ammunition

There are a lot of people who could make custom ammunition. But there is no one before us who figured out a way to build a true supercavitating ammunition which can work both water and air. While designing special-purpose ammunition is difficult, nature already figured it out. 

The answer is emperor penguin. Emperor penguin’s body is like a supercavitating torpedo. When they need to jump out of the water, they use their body like a torpedo. According to the below blog posting, the emperor penguin keeps air(bubble) inside flippers and releases it when ascension to air onto the ice which creates a layer of micro-bubbles over most of its body surface. This lubrication layer reduces drag, enabling the penguin to swim faster and to overcome gravity so that it can successfully launch from the water.


Also, check out the video from National Geographic for penguins as a torpedo.

Although nature already knew the answer to speed up in underwater by reducing air drag. It’s been challenging for us to build a supercavitating ammunition that really “works”.

Check out the video below. With countless testings, we’ve verified that GP bullet, a true supercavitating ammunition can travel fast in the water. On top of that, it could hold precision as well. So both in and out of the water, the soldier can shoot a target with precision like a sniper. However, not all supercavitating bullet can work like this. Most underwater bullets only work under the water. The special design enabled the bullet travel fast underwater but it wobbles when the bullet(ammunition) is exposed to the air.

We’ve overcome this limitation. That is why we call the GP bullet as true supercavitating ammunition. GP bullet holds it’s lethal power and precision both in and out of the water. If it’s used in the air, it works like an armor-piercing bullet due to its lethal power. 

For more details, please check out the posting below.


Just like the emperor penguin, we’ve figured out a way to mimic nature’s solution. It wasn’t easy. It took us many years of designing and it took more years to test it. However, as a result, we may have done some more improvements compared with nature’s work.