Supercavitating underwater bullet – GP bullet

Can supercavitating underwater bullet have a strong penetration power? In other words, can underwater bullets be lethal enough? The answer is yes and no. Depending on the distance requirements, an underwater bullet might not be enough for your mission purpose. 

Secondly, general underwater bullets don’t provide precision(target accuracy). Typically, it wobbles in the air, so if you need to target the object under the water, you might need to shoot a lot to hit the target. Even then you may need to rely on the luck to hit the target.


Duretek GP bullet is designed to support the following items.

  1. Less “Yaw” moment.
  2. Less aerodynamic drag
  3. Less recoil
  4. More velocity & more range
  5. More accuracy (precision)
  6. More penetration power

Here’s a general bullet design.


Now, Duretek’s GP bullet design looks like this.


Due to air-guiding grooves, GP underwater bullet can maintain its precision(target accuracy) with more range as well as penetration power in both air and water environment.

Supercavitating ammunition (GP bullet)
Supercavitating ammunition (GP bullet)

Check out the video below. It’s one of many tests to verify its target accuracy. 

What does an underwater bullet have to do with an armor-piercing bullet?

Often times, underwater bullets are required for operations like immobilizing water mines. However, if a bullet doesn’t have enough penetration power, it won’t be able to finish its mission.  Therefore underwater bullet should hold its lethal power like an armor-piercing bullet. Duretek’s GP bullet is designed to work for both scenarios. We do offer an armor-piercing bullet but even our underwater bullet will serve the same purpose.

We did interesting tests using the same propellant, cartridge case, and the gun to find out if our underwater ammunition can have similar or even more power than a general armor-piercing bullet. 

6.3mm iron plate at 200m range was used for this test.

General armor-piercing ammunition
General armor-piercing ammunition
Duretek supercavitating underwater ammunition
Duretek supercavitating underwater ammunition

If you are interested in the GP bullet which is the true supercavitating underwater ammunition, please check out the video below.

About supercavitaing underwater bullet air-to-water tests, please refer to the article below.