Can your underwater bullet fly straight in the air?

If you already use underwater bullets you need to check this out. Set up a test environment like below.

Prepare two big water tanks with transparent glass or plastic cases. Make holes at both ends which will be used for the pathway for a bullet. Make sure to make holes in the same exact position for entry and exit points. Now shoot your underwater bullet to aim at the entry point hole. If your bullet flies straight in the air as well as in the water, it will not break the case. If not, you will find out the result soon enough. (refer to the test setup and the GP bullet test at the below video clip.)

If your bullet flies straight in the air for the first test, please repeat this test over and over again to see if you can have the same results repeatedly. This is how we did our tests for the GP bullet. So now we are confident to say that the GP bullet works for both underwater and air.

Underwater bullet is supposed to go straight in underwater but not in the air?

Traditionally people believed supercavitating underwater bullet can’t travel straight in the air because it is meant to work for underwater. So general underwater bullets wobble when they fly in the air. Why do I keep saying this? Why is this so important? Most operations that require underwater bullets are for air-to-water or water-to-air situations. In order to rely on the bullet, it should fly straight for both air and underwater at the same time.

underwater bullet
The GP Bullet

Then how is the GP bullet possible to fly straight for both air and underwater while others can’t?

The answer is very simple. We were able to remove vortex generated at the tail of the bullet projectile. The distance, destructive power and most importantly accuracy (precision) of the bullet are reduced enormously by the vortex. Typically, 40% of the distance loss happens because of the vortex. 

By removing vortex, not only we’ve achieved more distance, destructive power, and higher accuracy. (About 32.6% increase) Therefore the GP bullet can retain tremendous penetration power. 

Interestingly enough, we could apply the same technology to all types of ammunition. From 5.56mm to 155mm. Imagine you could increase your bullet range by up to 30% by using Duretek’s GP bullet ammunition on top of more lethal power. Not only the GP bullet has lots of benefits but also it can work for both environment, air and underwater. Now literally, you can turn your existing military force invincible.