When I was young, everyone was so thrilled to watch hollywood movies. Who would imagine K-Pop, K-Drama could be popular in the United States. I still listen to country musics as opposed to K-Pop but my friend’s daughters in the United States, they all know who K-Pop musician group, BTS (Bangtan Boys) is.

BA Solutions doesn’t want to be selling products only, we’d like to sell culture and personality of our company therefore, they came to a conclusion that this is only fair to introduce our audiences about what Korean people’s life is, in other words K-Life.
Long ago, our ancestors(from Joeson Dynasty) liked to sing and dance whenever possible. (Just like Trolls movie!) Even at work, they tried to sing while working.
Various Events in Joesun Dynasty


But things have been changed a lot. Korean people lost the ability to sing and dance in modern world. Instead, they had to go through a lot of difficulties. From a Japanese governing period, Korean war (still Korea is separated by South and North) and finally dictatorship for decades in early modern Korea history. We’ve been under a lot of stress from these serious of events. Therefore it’s only natural to suppress happy activities.


Girls Generation - One of early K-pop idol groups in Korea
Girls Generation – One of early K-pop idol groups in Korea


From 1990’s we went through another major change. The term “Idol” began to inspire a lot of young people. Also politically S.Korea became rather stable. We’ve achieve a phenomenal economic growth.
From this moment and forward, K-Pop became very popular in a lot of countries including Japan, China, then North America. There are several changes associated with this.Most people began to enjoy life. Going on a picnic whenever possible, travel more and enjoy more cultural events.
Popular TV Show about foreign visitors enjoy Korean culture
Popular TV Show about foreign visitors enjoy Korean culture
Due to SNS, more foreign visitor who never knew the existence of Korea started visiting Korea. Not only they enjoyed various cultural things but also visitors enjoyed food. It’s interesting that you won’t forget about food after you return to your normal life. So travellers spread the words about Korea.
Now we strongly believe it’s time to introduce our culture to you. So you don’t have to take the glimpse idea from SNS.
Stay tight with us and enjoy what we have to say about K-Life. 
 Not to worry, though. We won’t try to sell you anything! Just enjoy.